The Clinic

The consultation

The Nose Clinic team will fully discuss your concerns to build a clear understanding of your problems. A careful history of your nasal complaints and general health will be taken.

The examination

We will assess your nose from the outside and may also look inside through the nostrils with a telescope (sinus endoscopy). You may be shown the inside of your nose on a television using a camera within the endoscope.


Cosmetic surgery planning

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery,we will digitally enhance images of your nose to give you an idea of what surgery may be able to achieve.

Allergy testing

Nasal allergy problems occur because of breathing in airborne allergy particles.

We quickly and painlessly test for a range of airborne allergies with skin prick tests. A small drop of each allergy particle in water is touched onto the skin of the lower arm. If the area of a drop becomes red and itchy we know you are allergic to it. We then advise on how to avoid your allergy and arrange for you to see an allergy and immunology specialist if necessary.


Computerised X-rays and scans

Computerised X-ray (CT) scans of the sinuses and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be organised where necessary. These show us the shape of the nose and sinuses and the health of their lining as well. Structures next to the nose and sinuses are also shown.