Words cannot express my wonder at the quality of work that Mr Rowe-Jones did on my nose where the septum was very twisted due to a childhood injury.  This had also affected the outside structure in the recent years.


Mr Rowe-Jones and his partner in practice, Emma Rowe-Jones, were absolutely wonderful, understanding and generous with their time and care.  Their goal was my well-being more than anything else.  I was considering both rhinoplasty and also the functional aspect of my nose.  They were very frank to tell me which of my expectations could not be reached.   After an emotional time I opted for the functional surgery only, however, Mr Rowe-Jones exceeded my expectations and my nose is as I would have wanted it to be! It is back to how it looked before my injury.


It is wonderful to have great surgeons like him who care more about quality and one’s well being than financial gain.


I recommend The Nose Clinic and Mr Rowe-Jones and his team to anyone who is considering an operation in his field.

JM – April 15


When you are slowly rolling towards middle age and assume you have everything (well almost) in life, a little pest called snoring comes around to ruin your comfort…. If you don’t take it seriously soon, your (and your family) misery will be greater.  Remember this when your family members start to politely but insistently close the door of you bedroom on a daily basis …. To me the saviour came in the shape of Mr Rowe-Jones at The Nose Clinic Guildford.   After a professional assessment and explanation, the decision was easy to make. Medical procedures are never pleasant of course, but with the support of The Nose Clinic team I have soon forgotten about it.  In short, it took a few visits and unexpectedly easy operation for my heavy snoring to disappear.  Feels like magic : my wife is happy and so am I ….. Was it worth the money paid ? Hundred percent YES ! I can’t recommend this clinic enough : as a former champion snorer, and now a humbly grateful patient ….

AZ - July 14

My symptoms began about a year and a half before I had surgery.  My nose began to feel congested regularly throughout the day.  This got worse over the course of a year to the extent that it was a permanent condition and was very much affecting my quality of life.  I went to my GP and got a referral to see a specialist which led to my seeing Mr Rowe-Jones.  After a thorough inspection, he told me that I had a condition called rhinitis where the tubes of the nose are extremely inflamed leading to the problems I was experiencing.  In addition the cartilage in my left nostril was buckled which was exacerbating the problem.  Initially, we tried nasal drops for a few months as this can sometimes help but there was no difference.  Mr Rowe-Jones then explained my options.  I could have surgery (tubinoplasty) where he would trim the tubes in the nose, plus straightening the cartilage which was bent or I could continue as I was.   However, there was no pressure at all to have surgery – it was totally up to me.

On the day of my surgery I was, not surprisingly, apprehensive but once I arrived at Mount Alvernia Hospital, everyone was professional and welcoming.  Mr Rowe-Jones came to see me and explained again exactly what he would be doing and when I could expect to go for surgery.  My biggest worry was about the anaesthetic but the Anaesthetist also visited and was reassuring.

When I came around after surgery, the staff were very attentive and looked after me extremely well.  Six months after the surgery, it is wonderful to be able to breathe clearly every day.  I feel so pleased I went ahead and although nobody wants to have surgery, the medical and hospital staff were excellent.


Dear Mr Rowe-Jones

I wanted to write to express my gratitude to yourself and your team following my minor surgery back in May. Every member of staff that I encountered both at The Nose Clinic and at Mount Alvernia were kind and courteous. The biggest thank you to you, you are a credit to your profession, Even though my procedure was relatively minor, it produced a lovely result.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone – what a lovely bunch you are!